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Did you know that October is National Apple month? Starting today until October 31st, if you comment on this post, or on my Facebook page you will be entered to win a free BOX of apples! You must live in the United States to be eligible. The randomized drawing will occur on November 1st.

To recap – this is how you enter to win a free box of apples:

1. Comment below on this post. How do you like YOUR apples?

2. Comment on my Facebook page below the post mentioning the contest:

I’m not sure what type of breakfast you serve your family, but if you happen to have food allergies, I can almost guarantee that it is not the usual American breakfast. I’ve featured a picture of Erewon Crispy rice gluten-free cereal, but usually our breakfast consists of toasted (soy) cheese sandwich (on Ener-G Brown Rice Bread) and freshly cubed apples along with some allergen-friendly sausage.

I took the “AppletizeMe” quiz today (sponsored by the U.S. Apple ASsociation) and guess what it says I am? (See below) So go ahead, enter the quiz, but more importantly comment on my blog post here or comment on Facebook to be entered to win a free box of apples! I asked the U.S. Apple Association from where the apples will be sent and they said it depends on who wins – how cool is that?

Social Butterfly




Congrats! You’re a Social Butterfly!

You glide from event to event with ease. Everyone wants to know you. Not one to miss the next soirée, you’re the core of the in-crowd but know how to make people feel welcome and good inside.


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2 Responses to Breakfast & National Apple Month! Apple Giveaway!

  1. shaunie says:

    I love my apples with peanut butter .

  2. Carolsue says:

    I like apples in apple pie and in apple tarts!
    I commented on your FB post as Carolsue Anderson

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