Jerome Bettis and myself at the Food Allergy Blogger's Conference 2014 (FABlogCon)

Jerome Bettis and myself at the Food Allergy Blogger’s Conference 2014 (FABlogCon)

A few months ago I interviewed football star Jerome Bettis and Lauren Francoeur of AAFA, as part of a program from Sanofi US, the makers of the injectable epinephrine device, Auvi-Q. For those of you who do not know what the Auvi-Q is, here is a link to the site where you can learn a bit more.

This information is relevant because of the six million children in the United States who currently have life-threatening food allergies, many of them will continue to have their food allergy into adulthood. Remaining vigilant about taking their injectable epinephrine with them everywhere when Mom isn’t there to remind them, will be key to their success in managing their food allergy.

Here is a link to my interview of Jerome Bettis:

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