There is a fantastic article in the Boston Globe this morning entitled “Skeptics Add to Food Allergy Burden for Parents”. It gives an amazing depiction of how food allergy moms think and helps to explain why we are so vigilent, why we react to studies with our own skepticism, and why we must constantly be on the look out for our children with food allergies. Thanks to Beth Teitell from the Boston Globe, we actually may be better understood by our non-food allergy mom peers. Here is a bit of the article quoted below, but please click here to read the full article.

Thomas Estey was handed a hamburger on a gluten-free bun by his mother, Lora, at their West Roxbury home.

A lone Cheerio started the trouble one day as Lorenda Layne and her toddler Sabrina, an energetic girl with severe food allergies, were enjoying a play date with another child. Sabrina found the milk-soaked bit of cereal in the crevice of a chair, stuffed it in her mouth, and promptly broke out in hives.

Layne and her friend, both self-described “allergy moms,” were upset about Sabrina’s red welts, but something else bothered them, too: a missed opportunity.

“Why couldn’t Sabrina have had this reaction in front of our non-allergy friends?” asked Layne, of Norwell. “We know they think we’re crazy for being so vigilant.”

As my teenager would say “same” – meaning I have felt exactly the same way as the allergy moms above are described as feeling “crazy for being so vigilant”. When our children were little, my dear friend whose daughter has several food allergies and severe eczema like our child, would say that people always remarked – “your children don’t look sick.” And they didn’t look sick.

Because we took such good care of our daughter, one would be hard pressed to point to her and guess all the food allergy, eczema and asthma health challenges we had. She always looked so healthy.

What comments do you hear frequently from others who do not have children with food allergies?

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