Lunchbox Fund Photo 3Today I’m donating this post that I would normally write about food allergies and living gluten-free and the recipe below to The Giving Table via The Lunchbox Fund in order to feed one hundred children school lunch for one entire year. The food is served to the children in school so they must be present and learning to receive it. The Lunchbox Fund has been feeding impoverished and orphaned schoolchildren since 2005. It brings communities together with the help of small local businesses and entrepreneurs, and provides vulnerable students with healthy meals that nourish their bodies and minds.

My own personal story is that when I was a six-year-old child I refused to eat breakfast and nearly slept through first grade. I know now that I was refusing to eat because what I was being offered, a typical American breakfast, turned out not to be good for me. My mother and pediatrician settled on the one thing I would eat – tapioca pudding. I wouldn’t discover all the foods that upset my system until our daughter was born and as a nursing mother was told to avoid all of her allergens while nursing. When I added the foods back I discovered there were many foods that were bothering me.

Hunger, the kind that strikes in the bellies of small children growing up, can and should be eradicated.

Here’s my post today that will hopefully inspire you to give $10, the price of a latte and muffin, to The Lunchbox Fund. Just $10 can feed one child their only meal of the day. And they’ve made it so easy! Check out the link here.

This is a typical lunch in our food allergy household; Tuna Salad and Pho.


Ingredients for Tuna Salad


Food Allergy friendly

Gluten free

free of the 6 of the top 8 allergens

(contains soy and fish – for a soy free version, use a tuna that is soy-free, for a fish-free version use canned chicken)

1 12 oz can Tuna in water

1/2 cup chopped carrots

3 T Olive Oil

2 tsp rice vinegar, apple cider or other light vinegar

1 T apers drained and chopped


1 tsp taragon

1 tsp oregano


1 large leaf of Romaine lettuce

2 T lima beans (canned, frozen, or cooked fresh)

1 T roasted red bell pepper sliced thinly

Lime juice to taste

Drain the tuna and place in a small bowl. Add the chopped carrots and all other ingredients. Mix well with a large fork until the tuna is the texture that pleases you. Add the lima beans and gently toss. Place a large amount of tuna on top of the lettuce, then dress with the roasted red bell pepper. Finish with a squeeze of lime juice.


Tuna Salad Served on Romaine Lettuce


Food Allergy Friendly – free of the top 8 food allergens


*for Vegan, use a gluten-free veggie broth and mushrooms in place of the chicken

1/2 package of rice sticks cooked as directed

6 cups turkey consummé or broth

1 cooked chicken breast, sliced or chopped

2 small baby carrots sliced thin

1/2 jalapeno sliced thin

1 scallion sliced thin

2 T cilantro leaves whole

Heat the broth on the stove in a large pan to boiling. Making sure the rice sticks are already cooked, place them in a large bowl. Place the chicken, if using, on top. Pour the hot broth over both. Dress with the carrots, jalapeno, scallion and cilantro. Serve hot.


Pho made with Turkey Consummé
Photo by Brooklyn Allergy Mom

I used home made turkey consummé and it was delicious. But one can easily use a good gluten-free allergen friendly boxed broth of any kind. Remember to always read ingredients.

I hope you enjoyed the recipes – I had meant to post the tuna recipe much sooner than I did – but this lunch themed post and day it seemed appropriate.

I gave, won’t you? Consider giving what you can to The Giving Table’s cause of the day, The Lunchbox Fund – help to feed one hundred children one meal a day for one entire year. You can donate what you can using this link here.

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