Heidi Bayer AKA Brooklyn Allergy Mom
Photo courtesy Matt Vicari mattvicari.com ©2014 All Rights Reserved

The title says it all. Every allergy mom deserves a little wine in the middle of winter. So why not make it an event! A few weeks ago, photographer Matthew Vicari and I trekked into Manhattan to the exclusive wine store located in Little Italy called Enoteca di Palo. We headed in from Brooklyn for this event to meet Gianpaolo Tabarinni of Tabarrini Winery in Umbria, Italy. As an added bonus, we were treated to owner Lou di Palo, fifth generation store owner of Di Palo and Enoteca Di Palo, his family and his passions. (Lou’s book is due out on Balentine later this year).

You may be wondering what this post has to do with having food allergies, being gluten free, or living a healthy lifestyle. See the happy picture of me above? While at Enoteca Di Palo’s, encouraged by Lou, I went next door to Di Palo’s and what did I find? The best gluten-free pasta available today. It’s from Italy, and it’s called Le Veneziane **- I’ve reviewed it on my blog here, but Di Palo Selects stocks this wonderful corn-based pasta. They have an online store here and ship all over the country. But doesn’t corn have GMO’s you ask? Well, Europe passed legislation which outlaws the use of GMO seeds in agriculture which means their corn is COMPLETELY GMO FREE. **remember, my allergies aren’t yours so make sure to read the entire ingredients list before ordering and eating.


Giampaolo Tabarrini and Heidi Bayer aka Brooklyn Allergy Mom
Photo courtesy Matt Vicari mattvicari.com ©2014 All Rights Reserved

Now, back to the wine! When I met Giampaolo Tabbarini from Tabarrini winery, it was as if we were old friends. Enoteca di Palo quickly filled with friends, press and others walking by to get their supply of Italian wines. The chardonnay was sublime, though it is limited to only 8,000 bottles a year. After trying it,  I tried to convince Giampaolo that perhaps we could get a few cases here in New York? April maybe? In time for spring?


Photo courtesy Matt Vicari mattvicari.com ©2014 All Rights Reserved

While all the wines were fantastic, my favorite red was the 2003 Tabarrini Sagrantino di Montefalco Colle Grimaldesco. What a fantastic red wine! And hard to find online by the way. So why not head over to Enoteca di Palo and buy a bottle for your next occasion – Valentines Day? And while you’re there, make sure to visit Di Palo’s and purchase some fantastic house made cheese for your loved one who can have it, house made porchetta (which is divine!) and pick up some Le Veneziane gluten-free corn pasta! Don’t forget to visit this family institution the next time  you’re in New York. If you won’t be visiting for a while, you may order some delicacies from italy from Di Palo Selects web site. They ship!


Photo courtesy Matt Vicari mattvicari.com ©2014 All Rights Reserved



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