Friend and colleague Allergic Girl, Sloane Miller told me about Tribest’s Slowstar Vertical Juicer the company had sent to her and thought that I should try it too. Tribest  kindly shipped the juicer from Manhattan to Brooklyn since it was a bit too heavy to take on the subway. It brought back many memories from fourteen years ago of making home made juices for our then two year old allergic child. Her favorite juice at that time was carrot.

The Tristar Slowstar Vertical Juicer and Mincer is a slow juicer, which means that it juices at a 47 RPM, well under the 80 RPM of most juicers on the market. The company says, “This lower speed preserves the nutritional value of the juice by preventing friction and heat during the process and it produces greater juice yield with less foam.” It also has a mincer attachment that can make nut butters, an allergen for us, but we will stick to talking about the fact that it also makes Mochi! More on that later.

First, I made juice:


Brooklyn Allergy Mom Fresh Juice Made with Slowstar Vertical Juicer

Recipe for juice:

3 organic gala apples cut into quarters

3 leaves of kale

1 pound or more of organic carrots

1/2 organic lemon washed well

Once I put the juicer together, no small task for even the most experienced home chef, I set about making a fresh organic juice. The one thing I can say about the juice is that it was fantastic and tasted as if I had gone to a juice bar. I made carrot, apple kale and lemon juice – one of my favorite juices. I made sure to start with delicious organic produce I purchased from the Park Slope Food Coop (the first of its kind in America in 1976) that I had soaked in cold water for 10 minutes. I made an apple juice for our food allergy teenager, who drank it down quickly.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious juice, the best part was soon to come. A few days later, I made home made Mochi. I have been interested in making Mochi for the past fifteen years, but had not really done much in the way of research on how to make it. When I read the Tribest manual that comes with the juicer, it had a recipe for Mochi. I had sweet rice which I soaked overnight in cold water to cover, drained then steamed in my steamer lined with cheesecloth. After twenty minutes I place the cheesecloth on a plate and sprinkled the rice with sugar and cinnamon.


Brooklyn Allergy Mom’s Steamed Sweet Rice with Sugar and Cinnamon


Recipe for Mochi

olive oil

2 cups steamed sweet rice

1 tsp cinnamon

4 tsp sugar

Following the instructions I poured a little bit of olive oil into the top of the mincer – the olive oil ran out of the side where I had placed a bowl to catch it. Then, I carefully spooned the prepared sweet rice into the top of the mincer attachment and kept feeding it until I had this:


Brooklyn Allergy Mom’s home made Mochi!

Because I had only made 2 cups of steamed sweet rice, it quite literally only made what you see above.

The Mochi was so incredibly sticky I had to laugh at myself! (Picture not included).

The Mochi that I mad had great texture, but not enough sugar I was told by the food allergic teenager, and I didn’t quite get the shape right – but here it is in all its glory. By the way, I rolled it in cornstarch to keep it from sticking. Regardless, it was completely eaten by the end of the day. Mochi success!

photo 4

Brooklyn Allergy Mom’s Finished Mochi.

The only downside of the Tribest Slow Star Juicer and Mincer is that it requires very tedious clean-up after making Mochi! It comes with a brush and an attachment to get in the small crevices, and you will need it if you plan on making anything other than juice. The cleaning took about 30 minutes because the Mochi was very sticky.  Cleaning must be done by hand, parts cannot be soaked and they need to be washed and thoroughly dried after each use. They are not dishwasher safe.

Regardless of the tedious clean-up, I think I see raw pumpkin seed butter in my future. This Brooklyn Allergy Mom recommends the Slowstar Vertical Juicer and Mincer.

To recap:

– makes amazing juice.

– mincer attatchment makes amazing Mochi, seed and nut butters can be made as well.

– requires expert cleaning chops!

For more information on Tribest Slowstar Vertical Juicer and Mincer, go to: and

The brand is also on Facebook

* disclosure, juicer was sent to me by the company who had sent it to Allergic Girl

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