As I was making gluten free, food allergy friendly food for my dearest friend, food allergy author, lifestyle coach and blogger, Sloane Miller (, I realized that in the middle of my cooking and baking that I was “riffing it” on one recipe. Riffing it, in jazz terms means that I was improvising. So, here’s a word from our sponsor, we don’t really have a sponsor, but if we did, we would say the following – because I want ALL of you to have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

1. No matter how wonderful your hostess is, ask the same question multiple times. “Did you put ANYTHING else in that pumpkin pie?” It may sound like you don’t trust them, but then you can laugh casually and say, “I know that sometimes people riff on recipes – I read it on a blog somewhere.  If I love your pie, I may ask you for the recipe later.”

2. Consider a “shadow government” which Sloane did on her own today, making foods that she loves that are safe for her. I’m not sure if she knew I was going to ‘riff it’ with the cranberries, or she wanted to ensure proper amounts of delicious Thanksgiving Day foods would be in her home for the long weekend. Regardless, it was a smart move. The benefit of the “shadow government” works the other way , too. I am going to make the apple crisp with soy flour, which my family can have, but which is not alright for Sloane.

3. If you’re a host/hostess, don’t forget to ask your food allergic guests about spices that are OK or not OK for them.

4. No matter WHAT bring food that is OK for you (and your epi-pen). Even if you’re coming to my house. That way if I happen to riff on something, you’re guaranteed to have something delicious.

I am looking forward to having my dearest Sloane Miller over tomorrow and feeding her numerous amazing foods for Thanksgiving dinner. I hope that you have a wonderful day in the way that pleases you and your family.

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