cropped-anaphylaxis-foodallergies-bklynallergymom.jpgAccording to the WSJ blog post here, Malia, President Obama’s daughter has a peanut allergy which may have inspired the recent news from the White House blog, announcing that President Obama has signed into law the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act.

The law makes an important change to the Children’s Asthma Treatment Grants Program and other federal asthma programs, which authorizes the Department of Health and Human Services to give funding preferences to states for asthma-treatment grants if they: maintain an emergency supply of epinephrine (EpiPens), if they permit trained personnel of the school to administer epinephrine, and if they develop a plan for ensuring trained personnel are available to administer epinephrine during all hours of the school day.

As a parent of a multiple food allergic and asthmatic teen, this news is fantastic and I hope that this helps to ease some of the challenges that parents face when speaking to school personnel about enforcement of a food allergy action plan when a nurse is not immediately available.

Check out the video of the signing here.


Here’s a fantastic blog post written by John Kruzel, an intern at who has a peanut allergy. In it, he appeals to Malia to make her father, President Barak Obama, do more for those with peanut allergies. As only a President can.


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