This is a quick blog post because I’m in the middle of so many things I do not know where to begin. As you know Stubbs was kind enough to send me their Hatch Green Chili Marinade, which I blogged about – it’s gluten-free and free of the top 8 allergens. But you may not know that they also have mustard-free BBQ sauce called “Sweet Heat”. We manage mustard allergies in our home, so you can imagine finding a mustard-free version on the store shelf is difficult. And we’ve also made our fair share of home made BBQ sauces. But Stubbs has outdone even Brooklyn Allergy Mom with their “Sweet Heat” product. I found the product at my local Key Food grocery store on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. After our teenager gave me the thumbs up, I had to write about it. You can see from this picture how much we love it, and that’s my writing on the bottle – “no mustard”. As always my allergies are not your allergies, so always be sure to read the ingredient list.


Stubbs Sweet Heat, Photo by Bklynallergymom

I asked Stubbs to send me a blurb on how they would describe “Sweet Heat” and this is what they sent.

Stubb’s knew his way around the Bar-B-Q pit, but he was also at home in the kitchen.  After all, that’s where the sauce was made.  After friends encouraged Stubb to bottle his sauce to sell, he obliged, filling empty bourbon bottles and using Serrano peppers as stoppers. When Stubb used to say “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m a cook,” he was being humble. But everyone knew he was more than just a cook.  Today his history lives on his sauce.

Combining two favorite tastes in one delicious sauce, Stubb’s Sweet Heat is a blend of molasses and brown sugar with a touch of chipotle. Starts out sweet but ends with Texas style heat. The Stubb’s all-natural sauce lineup includes Original, Spicy, Smokey Mesquite, Honey Pecan, Sweet Heat and Hickory Bourbon.

I never thought I’d find a BBQ product that would satisfy all of us, but thanks to Stubbs and to the kind people who provided me with the information, we did. Thank you Stubbs.

Disclosure: I bought my BBQ sauce at

Key Foods

5th Avenue and Sterling

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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