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All too often parents of children who have food allergies encounter road blocks while advocating for them in the school setting and elsewhere. School parties, ice-cream socials, PTA bake sales and birthday celebrations can be rife with stress when attempting to explain to others what a food allergy is, and why it is so important to be vigilant. And then there’s the added stress of the event itself.

Recently Anaphylaxis101  (www.anaphylaxis101.com) released a children’s e-book about a child who organizes a school carnival to include her friend who has food allergies. Here is a summary of the story:

The story, titled The Adventures of Ana and Phyl Axis: The Carnival, follows brother and sister team, Ana and Phyl Axis, through their interactions with adults and children as they plan an allergy-friendly school carnival so others like Phyl – who is allergic to peanuts, shellfish and bee stings – can participate in the fun day. Both entertaining and educational, the e-book emphasizes the role that teachers, parents, friends and others in the community play in avoiding and preparing for a life-threatening allergic reaction.

The book is narrated by Julie Bowen of Modern Family on ABC, who has a son with a peanut allergy.  It’s very adorable and the story is timeless. I especially liked the way the children discover potential allergens while shopping for the Carnival (shhh no spoilers, read the book!).

You can download this adorable e-book here:



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