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from Left to Right – Sloane Miller, Anna Curran, and myself, Heidi Bayer

On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, I had the pleasure of touring the test kitchens of Bon Appétit (, The Daily Meal  ( and Food 52 ( with a group of strong women food and lifestyle bloggers from the East Coast (read their blogs, I’ve listed them below.) I was invited by Anna Curran of Cookbook Create  ( to help her celebrate #IWNYFood and the launch of her custom cookbook web site by the same name: Cookbook Create. Anna ends her last phase of beta testing shortly on Cookbook Create ( that will allow almost instant creation of a personalized  custom cookbook. Many thanks go to Anna for her expert hosting at all points of our food blogger journey.

First stop, Bon Appétit.

We were taken on an all access pass through the test kitchens of Bon Appétit. We spoke to several chefs who told us how many times they test a recipe (3 – 12), and how photographs and recipes are chosen (sometimes based on ingredient and/or color) for the magazine.  The really amazing part, however, was the treat of a lifetime. Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor and Adam Rapoport, editor-in-chief spoke with us and graciously took our questions. We were happy to hear that all that eating doesn’t go to waste on Andrew. He follows a strict work-out regimen that sounds a lot like my husband’s (is it really finished with a glass of bourbon?).

Bon Appétit Offices in NYC


Adam Rapoport, Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appétit Speaking to #IWNYFoodTour Bloggers


Andrew Knowlton, Bon Appétit Restaurant Editor gives #IWNYFoodTour bloggers tips on how to stay slim while touring the country eating multiple dinners

Second stop, The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal greeted us with open arms, and wine, and a salad of fava beans, spinach and onions, and wine, and a video in their test kitchen boasting the eccoutrements of must-have kitchen artillery. And wine.  I coveted the removable and modular spice racks and cookbook holders. And did I say wine?


Heidi Bayer aka Brooklyn Allergy Mom interviewed by The Daily Meal
©2013 Clay Williams

But most important of all, one of the Daily Meal editors recommended that I go in for my close-up – you can see a still here thanks to fabulous photographer @ultraclay Clay Williams ( Thanks for the nudge, Will! You can see the video here:

Brooklyn Allergy Mom gives Blogging Tips

I was unable to make Food52 due to my duties writing a press release which announced a newly formed disaster committee with Kids With Food Allergies, but here are some pictures thanks to Clay Williams (@ultraclay). All photo copyrights below belong to Clay Williams (

Photo thanks to ©2013 Clay Williams

Food52 Test Kitchen
Photo thanks to ©2013 Clay Williams

Who were the other bloggers along with me? Of course my bestie Sloane Miller ( was at Food52, but we missed each other unfortunately since I had to leave. We made up for it at the brunch on Friday which is where we had our picture taken above with Anna Curran, our fearless leader of all things foodly wonderful this week.

Other Bloggers (and thanks to Kitchen Tested from whom I lifted this list!)

Thanks again to Emily, Leiti, Anna, the special attention paid to us by Bon Appétit, The Daily Meal, and Food52 during our #IWNYFoodTour. You are the rock stars that made US feel like rock stars! Looking forward to following all of the bloggerific ladies and sites above. PPSSSTTT- and order your custom cookbook through COOKBOOK CREATE soon!

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  3. Heidi,
    Thank you for joining us for the tour and the brunch! They were both so much fun. Great blogging advice in the The Daily Meal video for people who want to start food blogging. “Just do it”!

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  5. Mary Frances says:

    Great way to sum it up, Heidi–I felt like a rockstar on Wednesday too! Glad I met you! :)

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