PHOTO: Workers look for victims under debris from a tornado that passed across south Oklahoma City, May 20, 2013.
Workers look for victims under debris from a tornado that passed across south courtesy ABC NEWS
Oklahoma City, May 20, 2013.
Paul Hellstern/The Oklahoman/AP Photo

Monday, May 20, 2013, Moore, Oklahoma experienced a tornado. The tornado caused vast devastation, including many fatalities and injuries. As Food Allergy parents, some of us survivors of the recent Hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast in 2012, we are mindful of what this will mean in the weeks ahead as survivors are moved to shelters. In the shelters, survivors of the tornado will rely on food from food banks, churches, the Red Cross and FEMA.

Early this morning, the Kids With Food Allergies Disaster Committee reached a support group in Oklahoma who will be accepting food-allergy friendly donations, including gluten-free foods, and elemental formulas in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are waiting to hear from other food banks on whether or not they will be accepting or prefer cash, small boxes, or palettes of food.

UPDATE: – AS OF 2:18 this afternoon:

You may place an order for food allergy families affected in Oklahoma here:


Peanut Free Planet will cover the SHIPPING of the gift to the OKLAHOMA REGIONAL FOOD BANK

You may also DONATE $ to purchase products to fill in the gaps of other donations via a gift certificate.


15252 Stony Creek Way, Noblesville, IN 

and choose IN STORE PICKUP and put ‘OKLAHOMA” in the comments section.

Please help to get the word out by copying and pasting this portion on your FB page.

There are allergy advocates on the ground in the area that have set up a church to be a distribution point for those people and families that have food allergies.

There will also be a web page set up shortly where people can donate cash to help the victims.

UPDATE – As of 1:15 this afternoon, the Oklahoma Food Allergy Support Group has secured the following Church who will be able to accept donations on their behalf:

The Cherokee Hills Church of Christ

6724 NW 63

Oklahoma City, OK  73132

Attn: Becky Matlack and Oklahoma Food Allergy Support Group

PHONE: 405-305-3009 (Cami’s phone number)

Email: tessasmomy (at) yahoo (d0t) com

or cami62 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

If you would like to send a donation, please label your food “allergy friendly food” on the outside of the box.

If you prefer, you may send cash and / or any type of food donations to:

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

3355 S. Purdue Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73137


LABEL: MOORE, OK FOOD ALLERGY FRIENDLY FOOD on the outside of the box.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the town of Moore, OK.  If you are a support group leader or active in your local food allergy or asthma community, please let me know if you’d like to help serve on the Kids With Food Allergies Disaster Committee. Our mission is to have a base in every major city in the United States. bklynallergymom (at) gmail (dot) com.If you would like to donate injectible epinephrine, or know someone who needs it in the Moore, OK area, here is some information:

First, non-profit organizations can go to the Mylan site and order free EpiPens. Here is the link: and if you decide to place an order could you let me know by commenting below so that I can let Mylan know and they can alert the staff to expedite the order.


Second, individuals may use the EpiPen 0-CoPay Card available on www.EpiPen.com

If you are affected by the disaster and are looking for a shelter, here is the link to the Red Cross site for the Central OK region:


This information also appears on the Money Saving Queen’s web site courtesy of Heidi Bayer aka Brooklyn Allergy Mom

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16 Responses to Moore, Oklahoma Tornado, Food Allergy Food Donations

  1. hilahil says:

    awesome. just donated 5 boxes of sunbutter energy bars. thanks so much for the how-to!

  2. […] Many people in the community are working to provide support for the victims. Additional contacts and opportunities to provide assistance are listed on Heidi Bayer’s Brooklyn Allergy Mom’s Blog. […]

  3. stef says:

    just sent some Wowbutter. thanks for organizing this.

    peace and comfort to the victims.

  4. Thanks to your information, The SoyNut Butter Company responded with a donation of 4lb. SoyNut Butter foodservice tubs: http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-M-Healthy-SoyNut-Butter/73305494564

  5. Katalin Staveley says:

    Thank you for the info, I have just sent some crackers,pretzels and Sunbutter via Peanutfreeplanet. I also have some things i can send from home. I can not imagine what the families are going through…

  6. Thanks for this!! I was going to do it on my blog this a.m. but instead I just shared yours! I couldnt imagine going through what the people in OK have been through and being an allergy family on top of it. Thanks again- Jennifer @ healthyallergynut.wordpress.com

  7. Reblogged this on HealthyAllergyNut and commented:
    Here is a link to a GREAT blog for those who want to donate to the families suffering from food allergies and dealing with the disastrous tornado that just hit Oklahoma. I couldn’t imagine what the families affected by this very sad disaster are going through. Their community, homes, and life being torn to pieces all around them is heart breaking! To have the added stress of having to turn away food offered to them or their kids because of a food allergy hits a little too close to home for me. If you can find some extra cash laying around and want to help PLEASE go to this wonderful ladies blog and get the info on what you can send to those families with food allergies and take that extra stress away from them! Thanks so much!


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  9. […] I haven’t posted about the food my family with food allergies has been eating. Between work, working with the KFA disaster committee to get food to food allergy people in Moore, OK, and a recent food blog tour of test kitchens (for that story, click here), I have been busy! But […]

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