Some of you may have read that we had a successful re-introduction of oats recently (blog post here) and celebrated with us. The all-out celebration was to be short lived. We’ve found our teenager’s tolerance level for oats is about 2 tablespoons before on-set of mild allergic symptoms. Unable to fully integrate oatmeal into our daily food choices, we’ve moved onwards without emotion. Tomorrow, we will re-introduce buckwheat at our board certified allergists office at Mt. Sinai. I’m going to cook buckwheat groats and mix them with some rice. It will potentially give us our fourth grain (sorghum, tapioca, rice + buckwheat?). This will be our fifth re-introduction. Teenager has requested we not call it a “food challenge” – so re-introduction it is. Wish us luck!

****edited to add the afternoon of 5.7.2013****

Switch! Tomorrow’s re-introduction will be SOY! I couldn’t find buckwheat groats anywhere in my neighborhood, and there’s no time to go running around today. So, it will be Silk Soymilk. I’ll add some Hershey’s® Cocoa, sugar and a bit of gluten-free vanilla and be done with it. Also, I’m told there’s to be someone else there around her age doing a re-introduction as well. Hopefully, some bonding will occur. Wish us luck!

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