Fifteen years ago, our lovely child was born. It was a wonderful time in our lives and we were a happy couple who had finally had our little ‘peanut’ as we nick-named her. At about three months of age, her sensitive skin would mysteriously break open and bleed. Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with eczema and we embarked on our allergic, atopic, and food allergy journey. Skin care remedies are an enormous business,and I think we tried everything there was on the store shelves. After buying what amounted to thousands of dollars worth of lotions, I’ve settled on some tried and true favorites. I need to credit my colleagues (I guess you call them other allergic moms!) at Kids With Food Allergies Foundation (, and Allergic Girl Sloane Miller for contributing to, and letting me know of some of these remedies and products. It is important to note that there are two types of eczema, angry wet red eczema, and dry scaly eczema. These remedies are for the dry eczema.

Eczema remedies: Trillium Organics, Naturelle d'Argan, Vanicream

Eczema remedies: Trillium Organics, Naturelle d’Argan, Vanicream

1. For dry hands that will not soften. CETAPHIL CLEANSER and VANICREAM lotion. Why do I put this in all caps, because when I told my dear friend about it, she shot back an ingredients list on the LOTION that contains a nut. Just so we’re clear, this is the CLEANSER that I’m recommending and not the LOTION. Take a tiny dime-sized bit and smear it on your skin quickly – do not rub (rubbing can irritate eczema skin). Then, cover with Vanicream lotion. There is the thick Vanicream and the Vanicream lite lotion. I use the thick Vanicream for stubborn dry eczema skin. If your hands are in poor condition, this remedy can be used, then white cotton gloves placed on the hands overnight.

2. Cleanser for itchy dry patches on other parts of body. TRILLIUM ORGANIC Body Polish. This gluten-free, organic and vegetarian product is a cleansing, moisturizing exfoliant that only contains salt, sunflower oil, safflower oil, lecithin, and other essential oils for fragrance. You may also purchase this without fragrance if you are very sensitive. Trillium is certified organic and their other excellent products include Organic Body Butter (shea, which is a nut – ask your board certified allergist if this is alright for you), essential oils, and bath salts. Additionally it’s run by a mother and daughter team out of Wisconsin and is made in the USA.

3. Face care in the winter and beyond. Argan oil by NATURELLE D’ARGAN; this is the only certified organic Argan oil that does not have any other oils added to it. Additionally, they are dedicated to helping the women in Morocco who help them make it. The instructions are to place a dab on a cotton ball and dab on your skin. Actually I use a bit more and it seems to be a wonderful antioxidant as well as a dry oil that also moisturizes; I’m in love. Usually in the winter I get a few dry patches on my face that aren’t helped by anything – this year I’ve been using Argan oil and no dry patches. Argan oil is made from a nut, so those with nut allergies should discuss with their board certified allergist before trying. A link where you may buy it is here.

In the winter, it is so easy to get dry hands, these remedies also work on just plain dry hands, and not just eczema hands. Jump in, and enjoy these new ideas and new products. If you’re wondering if what you have is eczema, make an appointment with your dermatologist. And remember, everyone’s eczema is different, what works for me may not work for you, but I can give the benefit of having delt with this for over fifteen years. Do you have any good products or remedies to share?

Disclaimer: Got some free stuff from Trillium, and met the Naturelle D’Argan team at Expo West last year. Any questions?

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6 Responses to 3 Ways to Help Your Sensitive Skin, Skin Care, Eczema, Remedies

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve had eczema my entire life (covering almost my entire body as a kid) and somehow, I’ve still yet to try Vanicream. My eczema is much more manageable now (mostly limited to my feet and hands sometimes) but it’s hard to find something to put on my skin that doesn’t make it worse.

    I’ve heard a lot about argan oil too,but have noticed, like you said, that it comes from a nut. I’ve been hesitant to try it for that reason.

    Thanks for the reminder to try Vanicream!

    • Heidi Bayer says:

      I’m so glad you liked my post. I’ve been meaning to share these products for a while. You should be able to find Vanicream at a fine pharmacy near you. I buy a big tub and smaller empty tubes so I can always have it with me. I’m not sure of the allergenicity of Argan oil.

      • Amanda says:

        Yeah I’m not sure either … I figure there are enough products out there for me to try so I just haven’t wanted to risk argan oil just in case! I suppose I could patch test a small spot, though.

  2. Reblogged this on Trillium Organics and commented:
    Thanks for the mention Brooklyn Allergy Mom!

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