I’m running a giveaway on my Facebook page. I asked what comfort food people have transformed to be allergen-free – the resounding answer was pizza! So, I thought I would tell my recent pizza story and share with you my recipe. I had some Chebe pizza crust mix sitting in my pantry, given to me by Allergic Girl Sloane Miller. In case you’re not aware, Chebe has a line of dry mixes that have been created using manioc, or tapioca, inspired by the owner’s time living in Brazil. The mixes are even free from white potato (a win for us!) and are certified 10ppm gluten-free.

My husband, who loves the pizza at the restaurant at the end of our block, when asked what he wanted for dinner said, off the cuff, let’s go for pizza, unless you can make one here yourself.

Well, guess what? I had all the ingredients to make him his favorite pizza that night and what’s more, I could make it gluten-free so I could enjoy it, too. Arugula, shaved proscuitto, a small amount of pizza sauce (courtesy of Jovial fresh Italian tomatoes) and a small amount of fresh mozzarella. (Even thought I’m dairy intolerant, I can have a bit of mozzarella, as well as baked eggs). Sometimes I make Cybele Pascal’s “Simple Red Sauce” from her book ALLERGY FREE AND EASY COOKING, which I’m giving away to US entrants on my Facebook page here until January 31, 2013.

(I offered to make a separate pizza for my allergic teen, but she begged off, not happy with her choice of cheese substitute. Hint to any food manufacturers out there trying a ‘vegan’ cheese sub: please omit pea or lentil protein, white potato and coconut oil and make us something fabulous! One can have an allergic dream, right?)

I made the mix with two eggs as it suggests, as well as rice milk. I made it a few nights later with only one egg and one additional tabelspoon oil as an egg substitution. They both came out well and no one missed the second egg at all. As I’ve written about previously, omitting eggs entirely, which one can do, would result in a light colored crust.

My husband was thrilled with the result and I was too!

Gluten -Free Pizza Recipe

1 box Chebe pizza mix

2 eggs or egg substitute

Olive Oil

Rice Milk

1/2 cup pizza sauce (mix your own or use pesto or whatever you have!)

Fresh or shredded mozzarella

1/4 pound proscuitto or finely sliced ham

1 handful Arugula

Lucini Basil Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Mix dough and press it out on a warmed pizza stone. Spread pizza sauce, and top with mozarella. Place in oven for 12 – 15 minutes. Mozarella should melt and bubble (if it’s fresh). Take out of the oven, top with proscuitto and arugula. Finish with Lucini’s basil olive oil and sea salt.

This product is available at the Park Slope Coop in Brooklyn, NY and other fine Health Food Stores. Here is the beautiful result:


PS – If you live in the continental United States don’t forget to enter to win Cybele Pascal’s book ALLERGY FREE AND EASY COOKING on my Facebook page here until January 31, 2013.


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