When I first noticed Kettle Cuisine in Whole Foods a few years ago, I was ecstatic to see a dairy free, gluten-free option available in the freezer section, I wondered, would this become a quick meal on the go for my busy family? I’m very leery of new products, especially where it pertains to our child’s anaphylactic food allergies, so I didn’t try them until recently at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, where I had the pleasure to not only sample their soups, but to meet the chef and their marketing people.

The chicken soup, made with Tinkyada rice noodles and containing no dairy, tastes home made. And what is more, I immediately noticed that it has less sodium than most soups on the market (540 milligrams compared to over 700 for most soups), is high in protein at 14g and low in fat, containing no trans fat and, at only 3g, very little fat. The carrots, though they’ve been frozen, have just that bit of crunch that one likes in soup vegetables.

The soup contains no additives or preservatives and is easily warmed up in the microwave. According to their web site, these are the ingredients: Chicken Stock, Chicken Meat, Rice Noodles (brown rice, rice bran, water), Carrots, Celery, Onions, Chicken Fat, Sea Salt, Spices.

I’ve also sampled the chili, and the roasted vegetable soup, which is very rich in texture and flavor. Both of these soups are dairy-free and gluten-free and have the same good tasting, home-made quality that I found in the chicken soup.

As a teenager, our child has never had a pre-packaged frozen soup so the concept is a bit foreign to her, she’s still warming up to the idea of them. All the ingredients look like they would be fine, but I’ll be calling Kettle Cuisine soon to make sure that the spices do not contain mustard, another allergen for her. As always, my allergens are not your allergens, so always call your board certified Allergist and/or the manufacturer and ask questions that would pertain to your situation.

disclosure: Kettle Cuisine kindly sent me samples

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