A few years ago, when I was trying to find products that were safe for my allergic child, a friend recommended I try Trillium Organics. I’ve been ordering from them ever since. They are free of synthetics, parabens and petroleum products and are organic and vegan. The products (except the Shae Butter) do not contain any of the top 8 allergens including, tree nuts, peanuts, and are gluten-free. A link to the ingredients they use is here.  They have a line of baby care products, facial and body scrubs, organic body oils (my favorite!) and a Shae butter* product that smells delicious. Each product is handcrafted in Wisconsin by a mother and daughter team, and what’s more is that they are certified organic by the USDA. I am such a satisfied customer and so thrilled with their product that I thought I would let you know about them. As always, if you’re confused about whether or not an ingredient is safe for you or a loved one, connect with your board certified allergist for further clarification.

I just recieved a shipment recently, otherwise, I found this in my email this morning – I would be ordering their specials’ for Mother’s Day which ends tonight (May 7th)!

(I’ve not recieved any free products nor money in exchange for this blog post, just wanted to share this really great product)

*many people avoid shae butter who have tree-nut allergies since shae is extracted from a nut.

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