The Grove, Los Angeles, CA

I was in Denver, Colorado for a day this week, and am now in Los Angeles for a few days before heading down to Natural Products Expo West on Saturday. Fresh off the plane, I headed to The Grove off of Fairfax for a meeting. It was a beautifully clear Los Angeles day, and I had been upgraded to a convertible Eclipse. I nearly laughed all the way to The Grove, a Brooklyn mom in Los Angeles driving a convertible. Los Angeles can change a person that way. Once at The Grove, I found La Piazza Restaurant to be excellent at accommodating my  dietary restrictions, and Luna, our very attentive server graciously double checked all ingredients with the Chef.

I’m excited to see all of the vendors at Natural Products Expo West, specifically a product called Ricebliss. When I went to their web site, I found that they have not posted an ingredients list- a definite reason for those of us with dietary restrictions to avoid the product. Hopefully at the Expo there will be an ingredients list that I can read and discuss with the owners.

I’m especially excited also, to meet the people behind Allergaroo, since their spaghetti product is one that our allergic child loves, is shelf stabilized so that I could leave some in our cabinets for an easy dinner.

Here is my list of people I’m going to stop by and say hello to:

Enjoy Life (I introduced Denver people to the “Not Nuts” product)

So Delicious

Surf Sweets

Allergy Friendly Foods, LLC  (Allergaroo)   booth #2972

Attune Foods – # 2390

Bobs Red mill #2646

Carlson Labs   # 2033

Dr. Lucy booth 4288

Froose brands #3469

Funky monkey snack #2993

Home Free #2593

Ians  # 4048

Mary gone crackers #2304

Namaste 4361

Peas of mind

Seth Ellis Chocolatiers #5336

SILK  #2136

Sunbutter #2679

TruSweets 4836

Udi Gluten free foods  # 4149

Whole Foods Magazine – #1810

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