From me. Mr. C., biology teacher to our child in Brooklyn, NY is teaching our dear daughter about Asthma. She came home from school yesterday and told me how the biology class covered Asthma, airway constriction and inflammation. Her comment was, “Asthma is SERIOUS!”. Yes, asthma is serious, darling. Last night was the first time in a long time I didn’t have to bother her about taking her medication.

Thanks to Mr. C. and teachers everywhere who teach our children about their condition (knowingly or unknowingly!)

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One Response to Allergy Free Biology Teacher Gets An Award!

  1. Susan H. says:

    I second that! My son is going to be starting biology in his grade 10 science class next…I sure hope his teacher covers asthma! Wish I read about this before we went for teacher/parent interviews this evening! I would definately put the ‘bug’ in her ear! Susan H @ the food allergy chronicles

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