It’s restaurant week – or rather “restaurant month!” here in NYC where the top restaurants offer a prix fixe menu for a fraction of the cost of a regular meal. When Sloane Miller and I were fortunate enough to dine at the 21 Club for lunch a few weeks ago, we filmed our experience and made our first webisode in what we hope is a series.

I’m always amazed at how those of us with food allergies (notice how I say US!) can be uncomfortable, even downright squeamish when speaking with our hosts, managers, waiters about our food allergies. We constantly ask ourselves the question, “Do they get it? I mean, do they really get it?” Especially now that ‘gluten free’ seems to be the new diet craze, its easy to feel like people know the terms, but don’t understand the lifestyle or the severity of being exposed to our allergens.

Our words often seem to emerge from a point of fear instead of confidence.

Enter Allergic Girl, Sloane Miller, who many of you know has become a friend, colleague and inspiration to not only myself, but many food allergic parents, people and children. I was thrilled to have directed her book trailer video for ALLERGIC GIRL, and thrilled again we she came to Numodo to produce this recent webisode.

I hope when you watch this video, you listen carefully to Sloane’s words, and the words of the 21 Club Executive Chef, John Greeley, as he explains how to approach a chef with the foods you CAN eat as well as listing your (or your child’s) allergens.

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