You know the old saying, the longer you live the less you know?

I thought I had seen it all, but oat free granola? This granola is made with rice and corn and contains nuts and seeds. So while it’s not perfect for the Allergic Kid, it is okay for the allergic husband and (some items) for myself.

Bakery on Main was kind enough to send me samples of their products – some of them I couldn’t eat (walnut allergy – and I’m not cross contact allergic to walnuts – IMPORTANT: always check with your board certified allergist if you’re unclear about your allergen tolerance level).

Bakery on Main uses gluten-free oats in some of their other products. They have Gluten free granola and gluten-free granola snack bars. They are not tree nut, seed or peanut free facility, however. But for people like me and my husband, searching for a gluten-free and oat-free granola, we found it to have wonderful taste, fabulous granola crunch, and is now a nice addition to our breakfast choices.

The products that are oat free are Apple Raisin Walnut (didn’t try this one for obvious reasons!), Rainforest Granola, Extreme Fruit & Nut, Nutty Cranberry Maple, Cranberry Orange Cashew.

My husband loved the Bakery on Main gluten-free peanut butter chocolate granola bars (he does not have a peanut allergy) and the cranberry maple nut granola bars.

In Brooklyn, Bakery on Main Granola can be found at:

Balance Life (5th Ave & 17th)
Union Market (7th Ave)
Eagle Provisions (5th Ave) ps – you can also find gluten-free beer here!

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