This recipe is inspired by the Greenwood Heights CSA (community supported agriculture). If you are unfamiliar with a CSA it is essentially a ‘farm share’ where people from the city (me!) pay into a farm before the growing season and then reap the benefits in the summer. This summer in the Northeast has been very rainy so we happen to have a surplus of greens in our share. Last year when I tried to make something with mustard and mizuma greens I failed, epically. This year, I was determined not to fail. I made the simplest greens, and they were fabulous. I’m sure it comes as no surprise how simple these are but there is a really amazing twist. Green garlic and garlic scapes compliment this recipe with their sweetness. I served this with grilled chicken and Quinoa. It was the perfect dish for a perfect summer evening.

Mizuna and Mustard Greens with Garlic Scapes


©2011 Heidi Bayer. All Rights Reserved

1 Bunch Mustard Greens

1 Bunch Mizuna Greens

2 Garlic Scapes

1 head green garlic with stems still on

1/2 Large or 1 Medium Onion

Olive Oil



1/4 Cup Water

Champagne Vinegar

Juice from 1 lemon

Wash greens well. If you’re not familiar with how to wash greens properly, a good soak in a clean sink in cold water (sometimes a bit of vinegar added) will do the best job. Take greens out of the water, making sure they’re free of dirt and debris and let them rest on clean kitchen towels.

Cut the garlic scapes and green garlic as you would a scallion. Dice the Onion. Place about 1 tbsp Olive Oil in the bottom of a large deep pan (with a lid), then add the onion and a pinch salt and cook until the onion is soft. Add the garlic scapes and green garlic and saute 2- 3 more minutes. Add the greens to the pan, stir well a few times until they wilt, then add 1/4 cup of water – it will seem as though you’re not adding enough water. The greens will release their own water and add to the pan. Bring the water to a boil and place the top on the pan, turn the burner down and let simmer for about 7 minutes. Check the greens at the 7 minute mark and see if you like the texture, you can probably go a bit more or a bit less depending on your taste. Remove the pan from the stove top and stir in the juice from the lemon, a bit of champagne vinegar and salt to taste.

Serve on top of sandwiches, or beside gluten free fried chicken.

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