Happy Mother’s Day Love!

I really don’t want to write about what it’s like to be the mother of a child with multiple anaphylactic food allergies, what our journey was like, our early years, the diagnosis, the anxiety, which continues, and trauma after an anaphylactic episode. Because I think if you’re reading this, you already know. It is, and has been, your life, too.

Since being a mother, I have always bought myself a present on Mother’s Day. In addition to getting lovely little gifts from the allergic kid, and thoughtful ones from the allergic husband, I purchase a gift for myself. And, I go out of my way to plan the day so that I’m happy. Some years it has been simply staying in bed for the whole day. In recent years, it’s a gathering of nine or so people, a few close Mom friends, our husband’s and children, at a restaurant for dinner. It’s always the same, a safe restaurant for our allergic kiddo (this year it’s The Blue Ribbon, Brooklyn). I know that it may frighten some because we also have fish/shellfish allergies, but Chef Chris is always attentive to our needs. We always go early in the evening so the kitchen isn’t too busy. Some of my friends think it’s funny how much planning I do for my mother’s day, but I assure you, I’m never disappointed!

I encourage YOU to manage mother’s day happiness so that you are given the full range of Mother’s Day possibilities.

Happy Mother’s Day!

PS – Don’t forget to call YOUR mother!

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  1. Debbie Adler says:

    What a great idea…to manage your own Mother’s Day! That’s what I will do from now on, from this Mother’s Day forward. A good outcome is more likely this way. Thanks so much for sharing!

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