Well, were you holding your breath for five days wondering how we did?

Exhale. We did tremendously well! More than tremendous – stupendous!

We borrowed a friend’s kitchen within the first day and cooked a large amount of rice pasta and meatballs, using Lucini’s sauce which we found in the Los Angeles Whole Foods on Fairfax. We made dinner for our family and our hosts to great happiness of my friend’s son who loves my turkey meatballs!

We took the leftovers for the next few days back to our hotel in Ziploc bags.

Two meals, out of the five days we spent in Los Angeles, were eaten ‘out’. One was at a family event where our hostess had called the caterer two weeks before the party and arranged for a simple, but safe, meal for us. How to talk to your hosts is covered extensively in Sloane Miller’s book ALLERGIC GIRL, and we took all our cues from Sloane on how to approach our hostess. We took our pasta + meatballs with us and had them warm it up as it was quite a long day and lovely party. The second was @Disneyland‘s Blue Bayou restaurant where Arturo, the Sous Chef, took great care in personally overseeing another very simple, but really delicious meal for me and our daughter.

Apart from those three meals, we ate the food we brought, food purchased at Whole Foods, and other safe snacks we found at Disneyland.

One new product, well, new for us in the past five years, that was truly a life-saver was Annie Chun’s shelf stabilized rice. The rice is already cooked and ready for the microwave, or, if you’re like us, you eat it cold, it was delicious and very satisfying.

Here’s a picture of the food we brought with us:

Are you thinking of taking a trip with your allergic child? With a little pre-planning it is possible! Sloane Miller posted this blog post today on “please don’t pass the nuts” about travel to NY that is also very helpful.

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3 Responses to Allergy Free Domestic Travel Part 2

  1. leslie Shaw says:

    For all those allergy families out there who wish to travel check out airbandb.com thru this site you can find apartments with kitchens is cities and towns all over the world. My 2o year old spent a semester in europe and this site allowed her to travel to over ten countries because she could cook for herself! It made all the difference. She even found an apartment in the center of Istanbul! She is allergic to nuts, milk, shellfish, legumes and peanuts–so no easy feat. They list in the US and around the world. The added bonus is living the way native residents live. You can read more about this site in the New York Times. We had a great experience with the owners and it gave my allergy child a way to see the world–literally!

  2. Thanks Leslie! If we go anywhere for longer than 5 days, and especially when travelling internationally, also rent an apartment with a full kitchen. We’ve used VRBO.com, but I know a lot of people who have also had success with Homeaway.com. Happy travels!

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