Part 1. This is the part where we prepare. We pack for at least one days worth of food and we pack like we mean it. As if, for instance, we will be stuck at the airport for 8 hours, or God forbid, as has happened in the past, stuck overnight in an airport hotel unexpectedly.

Here is a picture of how we pack.

Allergy Free Packing for Domestic Travel

Left: Kids backpack with food, snacks, Nintendo DS, book.
Middle: small suitcase with shelf stable foods + NO GLASS
Right: Mom’s purse with medication and travel documents

Not pictured is a small cooler which I pack with some frozen foods and a few sandwiches for the flight.

Since this picture was taken, I did pare down a bit for weight sake!

And remember, I also have another suitcase with our clothes! I decided that some of the canned goods could go with the clothes so that the bags would be of equal weight.

I have all our medication in one place with a Doctor’s note, and everything is separated and in ziploc bags.

Bon Voyage!

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4 Responses to Allergy Free Domestic Travel Part 1

  1. Sophie says:

    don’t forget 4 LARGE empty ziplock to bag – God forbid – barfed on clothing or whatever YUCK you need to carry without contaminating/spoiling your precious precious food.

    in one of said bag, I put PJs for everybody (= the smallest packed full cover clothing option I have) with underwear – and in one bag, an old receiving blanket (the hospital one).

    a pack of baby wipes and a 2oz bottle of hand sanitized in EACH of the luggage.

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve been contemplating a vacation that would mean my son’s first airplane trip. The trip itself seems daunting, but the logistics of what and how to get the foods and medications that he needs through airport security…. Well, just thank you for this post. Very helpful.

    • Amy, generally if you have a toddler with you, they’re very understanding about special formula, etc. Read the TSA guidelines for more information. Place his medication in a ziploc along with a Dr.’s note and place it on top of your diaper/kid bag. Remember, no more than 3 oz of liquid in the other items that you’re bringing on the plane. If you need to bring items that are more than 3oz of liquid, make sure the Dr.’s note includes language that describes why your child needs special food/drinks with them for the TSA employees.

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