Last night @AllergicGirl Sloane Miller was kind enough to hand off some wonderful gluten free (and allergen free) goods to me. So, beware, I’m about to be a baking fiend. But included in the bag’o’goodies, there was ANGIE’S KETTLE CORN! We opened it on the spot and I had a taste, as a matter of fact, we were in a NYC resto, and we had our server try some – sweet, but not too sweet, salty, but not too salty – what a wonderful find. I went to Angie’s Kettle Corn web site and what I loved about it is that IMMEDIATELY on the first page, Angie’s let’s the consumer know it’s gluten free, top 8 free, and kosher. Additionally, Miller tells me, it’s available in NY State at Costco (yep, Costco Allergy peeps!) and Target.

But wait, there’s more. I slept in this morning (first time in 13 years) and our allergic child, P ate the Angie’s Kettle Corn for breakfast. Yes, it’s allowed, and yes, she loved it! Popcorn, is after all, full of fiber. Those of you who know us well, know we are the house of alternative breakfasts as P does not like cereal.

Angie’s Kettle Corn passed the kid test.

Here’s the Allergen statement from Angie’s Kettle Corn’s web site:

AKC Allergen Statement
At Angie’s Kettle Corn, we understand that our success is based on the safety and quality of our products. Our Quality Assurance Department oversees all Food Safety and Quality Programs within the production facility, including an Allergen Control Program. The Food Allergen labeling and Customer Protection Act of 2004 (FALCPA) requires all regulated
allergens to be declared on the labels of food products and food ingredients. Ingredients used in the production of our kettle corn products(Angies Original, Angies Caramel and Angies Lite) are free
all of the regulated food allergens (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans).

Angie’s Kettle Corn is made with only four all natural ingredients: Popcorn, Corn Oil, Cane Sugar, and Sea Salt. Plus, only large kernels are used for maximum flavor. No nuts or dairy products at all.
It’s Healthy

Angie’s Kettle Corn contains no cholesterol, trans-fats, artificial flavors or preservatives. And it’s only 150 calories per serving.

It’s Gluten-Free, and Kosher

What more could an allergic family want? Thanks Allergic Girl for sharing! And thank you Angie’s for creating a fabulous treat, er, breakfast!

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