While I was in the middle of reading Sloane Miller’s book ALLERGIC GIRL, (Wiley) I couldn’t help but find myself re-living the past thirteen years as an Allergic Mommy. Moments when my husband and I thought “What ARE we going to feed her!” to “I can’t believe she grew out of her allergy to STRAWBERRIES!” to “Well, yes, she has asthma now…” From her first day of school, her first sleepover, to the time she had her first camping experience without us, food allergies were ever present. They’ve shaped us as parents, and they’ve certainly shaped our “Allergic Girl”.

I entered my Allergic Mommy bubble thirteen years ago. As the mom to a multiple food allergic and anaphylactic child, I’ve copiously read just about everything there is to read on the subject and am captured by Sloane’s book. Sloane writes in a tone that is matter of fact, but not without humor, and has, perhaps without intentionally knowing it, created a must-have practical guide for Allergic parents. As a child, Sloane, aka Allergic Girl grew up in a world without the internet, without an allergic guide, without articles, without studies on allergies, without books like “The Peanut Butter Jam” and without the constant hovering of helicopter parents (myself included!). There is not a moment in Sloane’s book that I think, well, I don’t know about that…On the contrary, every page is an affirmation on how to navigate the world with food allergies.

The book is applicable for everyone in your allergic child’s life, for those who want to be “Heroes”, for potential boyfriend/girlfriends who want to know what they need to do to get a kiss, for grandparents who want to know how best to care for their allergic grandchild, and for school teachers who are wanting to reassure parents. In every page of ALLERGIC GIRL, Sloane gives the reader solid, Allergic Girl time-tested tools with which to navigate the non-allergic world, allergically.

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