I haven’t had peanuts, or tree nuts in our kitchen since our daughter’s food allergies were diagnosed. But recently I was attempting to devise a better diet strategy for my husband and he requested a nut mixture. Rather than purchase a mixture that I knew he wouldn’t like, I purchased separate nuts, seeds and dried fruit that I knew would appeal to him.

Wait. Stop. I hear you. Don’t panic!

What happened next was indeed a conundrum. Where to mix the nuts? I could possibly do it in the kitchen. Dr. Sampson’s group at the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute’s position is that good washing methods will remove food protein. In addition, Kids With Food Allergies has good pointers on this topic here. I know this clinically. But would I be OK emotionally knowing that I had created mixed nuts in my house? For the record I wasn’t about to use the kitchen. If not the kitchen, where?

My neighbor’s kitchen!

My email went like this: “May I use your kitchen to mix some nuts?”

Are you laughing yet?

My neighbor completely understood what we’re going through, having gone through extensive diet change herself and said YES!

Imagine my elation at not having to worry about cross contamination in my own kitchen. A sigh, a glass of wine, and five minutes later, the mix was made and placed into smaller tupperware containers which look NOTHING like our regular tupperware containers and will only ever contain Dad’s snacks. And you may be curious to know that the snacks are kept in Dad’s cave.

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