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Who can resist Chili and Cornbread? This recipe will please your whole family, I assure you! And at a cost of $14.00 who can resist! And with 8 servings it roughly comes in at $2.80 per serving!

Allergy Friendly Turkey Chili

8 – 9 Servings approximately

2 packages Shady Farms Ground Turkey (regular) or 2.5 pounds any other ground meat you’ve found on sale
2 15 oz cans Black Beans
2 15 oz cans Pinto Beans
2 15 oz cans Red Kidney Beans
(for the beans you can also go more frugal by making your own ahead of time – they freeze well, too!)
5-8 whole cloves of garlic (or if you’re using broth you can back off on the garlic)
4 Cups of Water ( you can also use broth, but you don’t need to if you’re using the canned beans)
1 15 oz Can Tomato Sauce or Stewed tomatoes whatever you like
Chili Powder (I use an assortment)
2 tsp Onion Powder (optional)
Corriander (optional)
Oregano (optional)

My mother made chili for us every fall and I always looked forward to it. She added the beans and their juice, and spiced it just perfectly. In this recipe, I follow hers by browning the turkey with spices (about 4 T of chili powder to 2 T of Cumin, and about 2 tsp of Oregano and Corriander). I do not, however, add onions (the real kind) or tomatoes because my picky eater doesn’t like the texture of cooked onions (sigh). After the turkey has browned completely, add the beans, water or broth, tomatoes, garlic and the bay leaves. Bring to a slight boil, then simmer for about 40 minutes (unless someone needs to eat sooner, 20 minutes will do). Cool completely before storing. May be frozen for up to 3 months, or refrigerated for up to 3 days.

The cornbread I enjoy making is from Todd Adelman’s cookbook which I mention here, in my cookbook review.

Happy Eating!

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