My husband and I attended the Vans Warped Tour 2010 last weekend at the Nassau Coliseum Parking Lot along with our daughter, 13, and 3 of her friends. We saw 70 bands on 7 stages during 8 hours.

Photograph Copyright ©2010 by Heidi Bayer All Rights Reserved

Photograph Copyright ©2010 by Heidi Bayer All Rights Reserved

It was not Allergy Free. Quite frankly it was allergy unfriendly. With choices like hot dogs, french fries, potato chips, pizza and nuts, what is to like?

I miscalculated a bit (OK I was WAAAAYYY off) on the food issue, thinking that of course there would be an array of lays potato chips to choose from, like Fritos, plain, but not one bag of Fritos was to be seen. Actually not one live unfried fruit or vegetable either, not even dried, or baked (which we prefer).

What saved me, and the girls, is that I instructed all of the them to EAT A BIG BREAKFAST, which was a very good strategic move. This was sent to them via text message by the way, the preferred way to communicate among teens (please don’t call a 13 year old on their phone, they don’t want to answer!). And I also made sure to put notes on their Facebook pages (another way one must communicate these days).

My daughter P had a huge pasta breakfast, rice pasta of course, and the remainder was brought with us and consumed in the car before the twelve noon start time of the concerts.

We sprung for preferred parking since we wanted to be close to the van in case anything happened. And we were hopeful that the turkey sandwich we had in the cooler inside could be retrieved for dinner.

We were wrong.
So a Gatorade dinner it was. Our daughter’s other friends had pizza. Our daughter was not upset and passed on the tapioca rolls that I had brought in simply by stating to the security guard: “My daughter has life-threatening food allergies, if I can’t bring this in, she can’t eat…” How succinct is that?

Oh, and the concert? In the words of our daughter’s friend, it was the best thing she’s ever been to in her life.

Photograph Copyright ©2010 by Heidi Bayer All Rights Reserved

Our Daughter and Her Friend Photograph Copyright ©2010 by Heidi Bayer All Rights Reserved

And that my friends, is the end of that. No more needs to be said, because, in spite of myself, I’m learning that there’s more to life than food. There’s music and happiness that comes from being with friends. And although my husband and I spent most of our time on the patch of grass under a small group of trees, it was totally worth every drop of sweat.

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3 Responses to Allergy Free Vans Warped Tour 2010

  1. You are a rockin’ mom! Good for you, and nice snagging the guard with that verbal karate chop!

  2. Know what I loved? When you wrote that you were learning “…there was more to life than food.” Know why? I’m sure you knew that before Food Allergies and I’m betting it’s a repeat epiphany (is for me) BUT I HATE it when a non-food allergy person / parent tells me that as if I’ve forgotten. Because sometime that is our truth and sometimes it isn’t and it isn’t always in our control but it’s an awfully nice feeling.

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