So I jumped out of bed, well, slid, coffee in hand (thanks dear husband!) out into the hot early morning with my cart in hand, and many bags, anticipating CSA bounty.

WOAH! Seriously? I was surprised by the bounty – greens galore!

Two (2) two pound bags of spinach, the HUGEST (is that a word?) Chard on the planet, beautiful japanese radishes + their beautiful greens, green garlic, chives, bok choy…Phenomenal.

So I came back home to wash those greens, make Applegate Farms Turkey bacon for the child, grapefruit and I couldn’t resist making the chard in the same pan as that turkey bacon, making sure to save one peice of bacon for crumbling.

#gf csa raw and cooked chard #allergyfree on Twitpic

While I did all that – my dear husband and extremely talented artist and neighbor Callie Danae Hirsch ( hung her painting in my living room. It is phenomenal and the picture beneath does not do it justice.

Hanging a painting by callie hirsch on Twitpic

Callie Danae Hirsch

It’s hotter than heck outside, what I would call a “watermelon” day. What is a watermelon day? It’s when Mom (that would be me) purchases a whole watermelon, cuts it up and leaves it on the picnic table outside and says – go play in the water kids! Really, seriously, one of the hottest days since I’ve been in NYC (thanks to the humidity!)

For lunch I served kiddo gluten free pasta (leftover) and fruit, and I’m having some gluten free beer (Redbridge) thank you very much, and enjoying the air conditioning. Now, if I can get up enough gumption to invite myself to my neighbor’s house for a little cookout I’ll be set.

Tomorrow is the Peanut Free baseball game in NJ – looking forward to it, and hoping, just hoping there is a bit of a heat abatement between now and then…

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