This Saturday is the first day I will pick up our 1/2 share of CSA veggies from the Green-Wood Heights CSA. The picture above is from our bounty of veggies from last fall. Wonderful. I can’t wait. My favorite thing? The fresh garlic which will come in July.

And while I’m on the subject of food, I meant to write about the roasted chicken I made last week. Roasted chicken is one of the most succulent dishes one could indulge in. I made it with garlic, lemon and rosemary – placing a handful of each underneath the skin and roasting on 500 degrees breast down for 20 minutes, then turning the bird over and roasting again at 350 degrees for the remainder. I stuffed the cavity with one lemon cut in half.

The leftover meat was cooked again the nextday in spices and made into taquitos. Most of the time if I have leftover chicken, I make enchiladas, but the weather was too warm, so I stuffed some corn tortillas with chicken, rolled them up and place toothpicks in them before frying in a very small amount of canola oil.

The best thing about roasting a chicken is that all that is required is olive oil, salt & pepper to make a good roasted chicken. If you can, put all on the chicken, then let it sit overnight before cooking. Combined with sweet potatoes, a salad or sauteed greens, mmmm, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Mark Bittman has some good recipes in his book, HOW TO COOK ALMOST EVERYTHING.

Happy Allergy Free Eating!

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