Our dear daughter had a dental visit today. OK so she had three cavities and needed three fillings. But that’s beside the point.

The point I would like to make (and I’ll make it quickly so I can get on to the business of food, which I happen to love!) is that to all medical personnel: when we visit, we like you to read the chart BEFORE we get there. So that, like today, and other days with other Doctors, you don’t read the whole list of her allergens out loud, then make the comment (which apparently no one can resist): WHAT DOES SHE EAT? (And trust me, sometimes I’ve looked at people and said AIR, she eats AIR, who knew?)

Well, is that really pertinent to today’s visit? What is important is that NONE OF HER ALLERGENS are contained in any of the medications you plan to use TODAY (which they weren’t). We feed her, obviously, she’s 13. If we hadn’t figured it out yet, well, God forbid, we wouldn’t have been in that room today, fixing her teeth, which are perfect thank you – in spite of the cavities…

So, medical personnel, please, take 2 seconds to read the chart (EVERYONE’s Chart) before you walk in the room. And if you meet an allergic child’s parent, please don’t ask us what we eat, we’ve had 13 years to figure it out, if you need a teachable moment, call us on your off hours and we’ll be happy to chat and share all our secrets with you.

I have strong opinions today. And I apologize if you happen to be a medical person and are taking offense. I don’t mean this post to be that way. It’s just that every time we see Doctors who aren’t our allergist they tend towards this habit of not reading the chart and we have to (or maybe we don’t) tell the story over again. It’s boring. We have allergies. We don’t eat certain foods and maybe they’re the same foods you eat every day, but there are thousands of foods out there that you miss out on…

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2 Responses to Allergy Free: A Note For Medical Personnel (read the chart)

  1. Mindy says:

    My brother and sister-in-law have a son whose food allergies are WAY WORSE than my daughter and son’s. When he was at the hospital in Denver having surgery for his food allergy/breathing issues, the hospital personnel actually delivered food to his room that he can’t even eat and she had to go to the local drug store to get meds that the hospital didn’t even have!!! She has to explain her son’s story over and over and over. I liked your post. It’s true.

  2. Unfortunately, we find ourselves saying things over and over again, don’t we? Because our children’s lives depend on us saying something. Hopefully, some day it will sink in that not everyone eats the main 8 foods that the American diet is based on…and 100% of medical personnel will actually review a chart before they walk into the room and be sensitive to the patient…don’t get me wrong, we’ve had fabulous people, but it’s usually the 5% that really let us down, isn’t it?

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