Our daughter is now in middle school.  Like most kids her age aching to fit in, having to think about and carry an epi-pen is inconvenient, uncool, and unacceptable. Sharing that information (as far as I know) is something that she does not and has not done with her particular group of new friends.

Yesterday, while seated in our kitchen, the beautiful half-Spring light climbing through tall windows, sun setting over the East River, she told me that she didn’t want to carry her lunchbox anymore.  Perfectly fine, I remarked, but you still need to carry your epi-pen.  “I’m OK.” she said. “I know your’e OK…” I began – I think you know where the conversation went from there.

So, I decided I’d launch an ad campaign, a personal ad campaign, to get her to carry her epi-pen.

My tagline?

“Because I love you, that’s why…”

I launched it within a few minutes of our talk (which –  in case you were wondering – was going nowhere fast). I wrote it in pencil on a sheet of paper.  Then, I walked over and directly handed it to her (my version of direct mail.) She said, “But Mom, I didn’t do anything…”

No you didn’t, but you will…

As any campaign, I know I will need to repeat my message at least a billion times a day until the buy-in starts.

Anyhow, I digress.

I have started by asking her if the epi-pen and benadryl will fit in her hoodie pocket.  The venemous words NO flew out of her mouth. Of course, that’s what I expected her to say.  Now, on to tomorrow’s plan. What will I do? Unclear. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

What would help me is if someone – anyone really – could come up with a way to put a hidden pocket inside of a hoodie or another jacket. Additionally, if those “pens” could be about 1/2 the size that would help as well – perhaps the size to fit in a skinny jean pocket? Like a strip or a patch?

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