Once or twice a year I indulge in White Rice Hamburger buns from Ener-g (gluten, egg, dairy, nut, peanut free!).  I ordered a case this year.  They make great buns for Tortas, and, of course, burgers!

Yesterday, I had everything in the fridge I needed to make an amazing Torta.

Shredded Chicken in Adobo

Chipotle Salsa (homemade by husband!)

White Bean Spread (with a middle-eastern vibe)

Jalapeno pickles

Thinly Sliced Purple Onion


I warmed up the chicken in the microwave and built my sand-ich.  It was absolutely deliciouso! Better tasting than I ever imagined it could be…

For those who can’t do catchup (we couldn’t for years due to a tomato allergy with daughter) or mustard (still allergic to this one) a home made bean spread is a great addition to any sandwich. One can also substitute jarred salsa – (we are fans of Frontera!) and canned jalapenos and any kind of leftover meat would do well, even if it isn’t in Adobo. (Remember to read ingredients.) Or, for a Vegan option, saute a few onions or a large portobello.

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