Sahara desert, Sudan. Meteor crator, or old volcano? on TwitpicBeautiful Karman Vortex, induced by the islands. Africa. on TwitpicMiami Beach, Florida. on Twitpic

Photographs from Astro_Soichi An Astronaut in Space (click to see Twitpics)

When our daughter was small, before bedtime, I would tell her a story about going to space in a rocketship to have a picnic.  It was an interactive story.  What color is the rocketship?  How many windows does it have? Are we going to the Moon or to Jupiter?  What shall we take for lunch? Then, the rocket takes off…What do we see out of our window? Birds? Trees? Sky? Stars?

When I came across these pictures (thank you Twitter!) I remembered the story all over again. Perhaps someday our daughter and I will be able to get on our rocketship and go into space for a picnic.  But for now, it’s best left to the talented astronauts. Enjoy the view! (Better food down here anyway!)

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