KONCEPTIONS is now back in full force at KORZO, where, since 2005 James Carney has presented (among others and in no particular order): Joe Russo, Peter Apfelbaum, Tom Rainey, Todd Sickafoose, Jen Shyu, and Akiko Pavolka.

When James and I came up with Konceptions, it was a cold winter day in Brooklyn and we were trying to figure out a way to both monetize Jazz and to find a cool place to present music that was progressive and avant-garde.  Why not find a way to enhance the local culture with the talents of the amazing Brooklyn musicians at a location that was but one block away from where we lived?  Why not charge a cover and give 100% to the musicians?

The series started out in 2005 at the Koze Lounge (now quarter) on 5th Avenue in the Southern Slope of Brooklyn either referred to “Green-Wood” or “Sunset Park.” Koze was a bar before its time, and soon closed.  The series then moved to Bar 4 on 7th Avenue and 15th Street in Park Slope where it enjoyed an eighteen month widely heralded run in the otherwise sleepy slot of Sunday nights.  Brief moves to the Douglas Street Performance Space in the Gowanus Arts Complex, then to Biscuit were equally as successful.  However, Biscuit re-vamped, and reopened several times during the economic downturn of 2008.

It’s 2010 and Konceptions is back – so what do we want you to do?  We want you to come in, enjoy the music, and feel good about the fact that every .01 of your $7.00 you pay for the cover goes to the Musicians.  Those very people who work hard day in and day out to create amazing music that can change your perspective and challenge you to think differently.  We’re not out to change the world.  We just want to change the way the world hears music.  Not on your iPod, but live, and in person.

Click above link for the schedule

Every Tuesday
Sets: 9:30pm & 11:00pm
$7.00 per set cover charge (no drink minimum)
667 5th Avenue (between 19th & 20th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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